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  • Clothing (uniform of the Holy Church)
  • Her wedding band
  • Kirei's cross
  • Her Bible
  • A photo album (family-centric)
  • A roll of medical bandages and tape
  • [REGAIN] The belt Kirei hanged himself with
  • [REGAIN] Her favorite dress
  • [EVENT ITEM] A rosary
  • [EVENT ITEM] A stuffed lamb (eyes replaced with buttons) Given to AU!Kariya
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Masochistic Pneumatic Automatism Diathesis
Caren was stated to have inherited her psychic ability from her mother. This is basically a rare power that allows a person to act as a radar for demons, as when they're near a person who is possessed, they experience pain and even physical wounds. This can even happen when they're simply around someone whose thoughts and actions are sufficiently "dark" or "evil.

Would the presence of your character trigger Claudia's diathesis? If your character is some kind of evil spirit or a species that is usually considered demonic, probably! Characters that serve as a host body for another spirit in some fashion may qualify as well.
Is there a significant possibility of their thoughts triggering Claudia's diathesis? If so, are you alright with that happening? Thoughts are considered "dark" or "evil" when they contain malice and ill-intent. Your character can be an greedy, prideful, envious asshole, but she won't be affected unless their thoughts are intensely over the line. This is closer to (extremely selective) empathetic powers, so feel free to opt out here!
If yes to either of the above, give me a rough estimate of how severe her reaction would be on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most intense reaction. 1 is only a little discomfort, while 10 is something like spikes start sprouting out of her skin because you've been possessed by the embodiment of all the evils of the world. If there's anything in particular you want to note about how the response might manifest, tell me here.

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